The Restaurant

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Ristorante stazione

The Restaurant

The ``Ristorante Stazione`` (its name being derived from the nearby railway station) was founded in 1906 by Costantino Turani and Maria Caffo. At that time it was a small bar and ``trattoria``, but its popularity grew with time and eventually it became an exclusive restaurant. In 1920 it started to offer rooms to the numerous visitors who spent their holidays in the town of Susa.

Today the “Ristorante Stazione” is a modern restaurant, but it has not forgotten its origins; in fact, here customers can taste the old traditional recipes of the Susa Valley, such as the “arrosto di manzo al fieno” (roast beef with hay), the “fratin” or the soft “batsoa” (pig’s trotters boiled with spices and then fried),but also the “soupa grasa ‘d Susa” (traditional onion soup), the “capônet“, the “bagna caôda” (sauce made of anchovies, garlic and walnut oil) and many others, masterly cooked by  the founder’s great grandson he will offer you the best of his cuisine accompanied by excellent local and national wines.

Roastbeef in hay

The roastbeef in hay, is prepared with first cutting of the hay in May, from high alpine Savoie mountains, is used as a shell in baking, leaving to the meat a good scent of alpine flowers.
Was prepared by the peasants in the days of celebration, the meat was shrouded in mountain hay and wet wipes, which served as a oven, then left to bake slowly in a corner of the fireplace, hay and mountain flowers emit a particular and an agreable aroma and taste. Today the process is not changed except for the use of traditional oven.

Soupa grasa d’ Susa

Old recipe which used local common ingredients that people use to create a tasty dish, however rich and nutritious.
Ingredients: Slices of rye brown bread -Toma cheese – meat broth-genuine alpine butter-onions-juniper berries.
Cut the bread into slices about half a centimeter and a few squares or rectangles. Put the bread so cut to roast in the oven for a few minutes.Prepare, in the meantime, some sliced onions and fry in a pan with butter and add some juniper berries. While onions are frying, put in some bowls or individual soup tureens with the bread croutons, put a bit of fried onion in individual bowls, cover everything with a few thin slices of toma cheese and pass it in the oven.When the cheese on surface begins to colorize, extract from oven and serve immediately


Discover also a fragrance of berries and lavender in sipped red wines DOC, such as “Avanà”, autochthones grapes par excellence, produced in the highest vineyards of Piemonte at 750m of altitude in the municipality of Chiomonte, amazing for all courses. Also the“Clos” with structure and character product with Barbera grapes or the “Colombier”, structured wine but soft produced with the Dolcetto grapes.