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The countdown of the Susa-Moncenisio has begun, the competition that from 1902, the year of its first edition, turns on the passion for motor racing, once again it will be the stage on which some of the best performers of the specialty  will race,  true stars of the steering wheel in the race organized by the Supergara in the first weekend of June.


The BEI K3 is a unique race in the world, also this year it will be part of the Vertical Kilometer World Circuit, a world circuit that includes 8 races in 8 different countries. Athletes will face a good 3038 m of elevation gain in just 9.7 km. to reach the Rocciamelone peak (mt 3538/11607 ft) Departure at Piazza Savoia in Susa then the effective start at the Sanctuary of Mompantero.

Palio dei Borghi di Susa

We have reached  the XXXIII edition, and like every year the Countess Adelaide of Susa will lead the development of the Palio dei Borghi di Susa! The six disticts, in which the city is divided, will compete in the splendid Roman Arena in various skill tests. The event is scheduled for the third weekend of July.

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Festa del Piemonte

After the break last year with renewed strength and will, here is the program of the 51° Piedmont Festival at Colle dell’Assietta! Many innovations, including guided tours of the historic camp and places of the Battle.The tradition continues…